Blogging for Business

Figure with a pen writing a blog for his business

Blogging, the simple act of keeping an online journal, might seem to have little relevance to businesses. However a blog is a powerful communications tool that can work in many ways for your business.

At its most simple, a blog can be set up as an easy to update way to provide news and information about your business, services or products. It can fulfil this purpose even for those of you who have websites that you can’t update yourself.

However, changes to the way that the search engines rank your website has elevated the importance of your blog.

How blogging can support your SEO

All search engines have always preferred websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. Google has now taken this to a new level and fresh content is a vital part of your optimisation process. Failure to add new content will see your site drift down in the search results, no matter how good your SEO is.

A well written blog will also raise your profile as an expert in your field. This will help with word-of-mouth [aka viral marketing] and you may even find your blog being mentioned in the media. This latter option has had a really positive effect on many bloggers. For some it has significantly increased reader numbers and, in some cases, has even lead to publishing deals.

I can set up your blog for you, think of topics to write about and create the content for you, if required.

Just get in touch if this is something that sounds useful and you’d like some help.

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