SEO for WordPress Webinar

WordPress is the most popular tool (CMS – Content Management System) used to build websites. In fact about 40% of websites currently available are using WordPress to build, manage and publish content.

It’s free, not too complicated to use and all you need to add is web hosting and the cost of designing the site, which will be free if you adopt a DIY approach.

However. WordPress is not so good from a Search Engine Optimisation front and if you want traffic to your website you need to be as high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS*) as possible, preferably on Page 1 and ideally in the top 5 which is why I’m putting on my SEO for WordPress webinar on May 27th.

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Why does your WordPress website need Search Engine Optimisation?

  • Only 50% of Search Engine users EVER make it on to Page 2 of the results
  • Fewer than 10% make it on to Page 3 and beyond but it’s worse than that.
  • 70% of clicks on search results take place on the TOP 5 of results on the first page, as you can see in the graph below.
Graph showing where the clicks land on P1 of Search Engine results

What can you do about it?

Your WordPress website MUST be effectively optimised so that the search engines can understand your business, your services and/or your products. Without optimisation you stand an almost zero chance of being found for search results and yet everything you need is either available already in WordPress or can be added through the use of a simple plug-in.

That’s easy, but you have to UNDERSTAND where the search engines look, what they are looking for and how to make your website search engine friendly to even stand a chance of that coveted Page 1 result.

My 3 hour webinar will give you all the information, hints and tips that you need to stand a chance of making you website easier to find in the jungle that is the world wide web, and it’s only £25.00

The webinar runs on Thursday May 27th from 09:30 to 12:30. I’ll be working with you over Zoom and you can book here.

Book my SEO for WordPress webinar

I’d hurry though, I’m limiting the numbers to just 20 so it’s first come first served. (Although I will run this again later in the year)

*If you are confused by jargon please use my SEO Glossary of Terms