Social Media for Business.

How good’s your Social Media? Is it fresh and vibrant or old and stale?

Social Media’s been the “hot marketing topic” for a long time now, and rightly so. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of to increase your online visibility & reinforce credibility. Managed properly this will lead to more inquiries and sales opportunities.

There are more than 120 different social networks used by over 4.8m people and it’s true that the top 6 have grown phenomenally since they were launched. Facebook has more than 2.1 billion users, LinkedIn has over 500 million and Twitter over 300 million for example.

A "Like" Thumbs Up for Social Media

However, it’s not simply a case of signing up and waiting for hundreds, thousands or even millions to beat a path to your door. 

You have to invest time to get it working and continue to invest time to keep it working.

You also need to understand which sites are used by your customers and how they like to use them. 

Although it’s not advertising in the traditional sense it’s not unlike traditional marketing. After all, you wouldn’t advertise in The Sun if your customers all read the Telegraph – would you?

And yet I talk to businesses on a weekly basis who have yet to grasp this. They also wonder why the time they are putting in to their social media isn’t paying off for them.

Part of the problem is that they lack an effective Social Media strategy. If you want to do this for your business, have a look at my 6 Steps to Social Media Success or you could just get in touch directly. We can have a free, no obligation chat about how Online Marketing could help your business.

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