Google Analytics and Other Tools


As a business owner or manager you spend some of your time understanding how your business is performing. You look at income and expenditure, profit and loss and work on increasing one whilst controlling or reducing the other.

If you employ sales people you set targets and track their performance against those targets.

You may have even paid a substantial sum of money for your website.

web design mechanic talking about Google Analytics

But do you pay any attention to the impact [positive and negative] that your website is having on your business?

I frequently have conversations with businesses who have no clue how their websites are performing.

This is alarming!

Understand Analytics & understand how your website is working for you.

Understanding the way your website is working is pretty easy. You can take the information and feed it back in to the design of your website.

Not only do you want more visitors to your site but you also should look to –

– Increase the time visitors spend on your site
– Increase the number of pages they look at
– Generate more sales or more inquiries
– Improve ROI by ensuring people take the action you want them to take

Google Analytics graph

Google’s Analytics & Search Console help you understand how your site performs.

– How many people visit your website
– What they do whilst on your website
– How they found out about your website
– How effective your advertising is
– What Google really thinks of your site.

You’ll also learn of any problems and issues that hold your site back in the search results.

And Google don’t charge for this service.

To get the most from Google Analytics and the Search Console it needs to be set up properly. You also need to understand how to interpret the information provided and know how to use this information to make improvements to your website.

Google Analytics & Search Console Coaching

I can help! A simple 1/2 day coaching session will provide you with everything you need.

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