Responsive Websites

Mobile phone lying on a beach displaying a responsive website

With more than half of all web browsing taking place on a mobile device (phones and tablets) it’s vital that your website works just as well on a small screen as it does on a laptop or desktop.

This is not simply a case of making sure that the site looks the same across all devices because we use the internet in a different way when browsing on a small screen.

Navigation and buttons have to be further apart so they they are easier to click. Text has to be larger so that it’s easier to read and images have to be smaller to speed up the browsing experience and minimise the bandwidth used.

The current “Best Practice” uses a design technology called “Responsive”. This means that your website has a degree of intelligence and can identify the size of screen being used to view it. It then resizes and re-formats based on a particular set of rules so that it’s easy to read and easy to use. In other words, it becomes mobile friendly.

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