My SEO Background

Backlink Building Guy

I’ve been doing SEO since 2001 and have not stopped learning. This is because the search engines are always changing the way they measure websites! Sometimes they make small tweaks and at other times it’s major step changes. I need to stay on top of these changes because what worked yesterday may not work today. Many businesses who have taken their eye off the ball have found this out to their detriment.

It’s critically important to stay on top of these changes because if you get it wrong your website can be penalised.

At best this leads to a slow drift down the results as other businesses do the right things and move above you.

Doing SEO the wrong way

If you do something the search engines dislike then your website will be pushed deeper in the results, making it hard to find.

The worst case scenario, when you are caught using something the search engines dislike, is deletion! The search engines delete you from their database. This is hard to recover from, can lead to 6 months of work, increased costs and lost business opportunities.

Doing SEO the right way

I only use ethical, best practice SEO techniques which ensure that your site will move up the results pages and won’t be penalised.

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