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If you don’t have time to read a blog, or want something to listen to “on the go” then my podcasts might be just the thing you are looking for. Snippets of information (and occasionally wisdom) about SEO, Social Media, other forms of digital marketing, and some articles about online security.

You Cannot be serious…….

You cannot be serious….…Yes you can and you must be. 

About your passwords, that’s what. 

The Top 10 most hacked passwords of 2021 has been released. And you won’t believe what’s at No. 1. Well, you might but you should be incredulous because it’s just stupidity of the highest order

What does your phone number say about your business

Does your business use a mobile number?

Of course it does but do you have a landline number or have you ditched that and rely solely on your mobile (cell) phone?

That could be a mistake and if you listen to my latest podcast you’ll understand why I think that it is.

New Password Guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre

15 Years ago Bill Gates predicted the death of the password. He was wrong, the password is still with us but it’s even more insecure and new advice is to use 3 random words. But how do you choose 3 random words?

Use What 3 Words, that’s how. Have a listen to lean how

Bye Bye Bounce Rate, Bounce Rate Bye Bye

When I’m asked to evaluate a website I always ask for access to Google Analytics, GA, (other analytics packages are available) so that I can get a feel for how the site is performing. One of my key tools has been the Bounce Rate, but what it is and why is Google killing it off?

The Internet is not the World Wide Web

This is a pet peeve of min. Too many people, many who should know better, use the word “Internet” when they should use “WWW” and vice versa. This REALLY gets me because the two are very different. Have a listen to learn the difference

To Carousel or not to Carousel, that is the question.

Carousels, (aka Image Sliders) the name given to those annoying sliding images that seem to feature on most websites these days. As you might have gathered, I’m not a fan but is my dislike subjective (taste) or objective (they don’t add anything). It’s objective, listen to my Podcast and learn why.

How much did your last cup of coffee cost?

How could a cup of coffee cost £31,000? It’s not about expensive beans, it’s all about Cyber Crime

Ten Top SEO Tips for Twenty Twenty One

Selling your Sizzle

Are you selling your sizzle? I reckon that at least 7 out of 10 websites that I am asked to evaluate fail on one fundamental content presentation issue. Businesses love to talk about their cow (features) but rarely mention their “sizzle” (benefits). So, are you selling your steak or are you selling your sizzle?

Passwords are not just for Christmas

Whether you are working from home, #WFH, working in an office or still out and about I know that as Christmas approaches the big wind-down starts to feature in our minds.

Nothing wrong with looking forwards to Christmas but it’s important that you don’t allow your Cyber Security guard to fall too.

Why not? Simply because the hackers and cyber criminals won’t – if anything they’ll be upping their activity because they know that our minds will be on other things.

Is having a Responsive website enough?

Your website is Responsive, isn’t it? Being able to access websites on phones is a key part of marketing activity, and it has been for years but how well does your website actually work when it’s accessed via a small screen? Have a listen to better understand the pitfalls and how best to avoid them.

Podcasting for beginners. How to record, edit and publish your Podcast

Podcasting is simply the audio equivalent of blogging. It’s where you create an audio recording and share it across the internet. Find out WHY you should Podcast, HOW you can make your own Podcast and WHAT you should do with it once you have recorded and edited your masterpiece

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads. Which is the best for your business?

14 SEO Myths that could ruin your chances with Google

Kick start your marketing with government support

Use this as a golden opportunity to pull ahead of your competition

And it’s not difficult. You can take advantage of one of the government support packages to give your marketing activity a boost. The coronavirus Bounce Back loan is perfect for this.

How Twitter can support your SEO

I am frequently asked whether Twitter can help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and my answer is usually a pretty vague “it depends”. Listen to this Podcast to see how you can use Twitter to support your SEO activity

Why marketing is like the space race

How do you know whether marketing option “x” is going to be better than marketing option “y”? You don’t but if you approach your campaigns with a plan then you’ll be well placed to find out which works better and which should be abandoned

Communications, lockdown and video conferencing

For years, technologists have been promoting digital transformation but corona virus, lock-down and working from home has really pushed many businesses to take a fresh look.

Don’t make knee-jerk decisions with your marketing during coronavirus.

Remember, In the middle of the storm it can be difficult to see anything but chaos but the storm will pass. Your best defence is to do everything that you can to still be standing when the storm passes.

The purpose of this post is to give you some marketing things that you can be thinking about during these troubled times and to make an offer that will save you £50.00 on one of my services so that your website can come fighting fit on the other side of the Corona Virus pandemic.

How the SMOG test can help you win more customers

How easy is it to read the content of your website? Have you actually paid any attention to how many potential customers you may be losing because your website is difficult to read?

Have a listen to learn WHY this is vitally important

Why would anyone want to hack your website?

I am frequently asked by small businesses why a hacker or cyber criminal would target them?

The answer’s pretty simple, as a small business they probably don’t have a cyber security expert and are an easy target

Be Smart, Don’t be like Tamara

Don’t let the hackers get fat this Christmas

The Power of email marketing

Are you using email marketing for our business? If you are, well done. If you are not, why not? Give this a listen and if it sounds like something that might be of interest, then please get in touch.

How to budget for SEO

You probably receive quotes and offers from all over the world offering to do your SEO for you. But how do you decide whether their offer is good value for money, or not. Have a listen to learn a little more about budgeting for your SEO,

Do you think SEO is expensive?

How much is a Page 1 result on Google actually worth? Do you think SEO is expensive? Have a listen to see how it compares to TV, radio and print advertising to understand the true value of SEO

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

The SEO practitioners who cheat are known as “black hatters” or “unethical” whilst the good guys are “white hats” or ethical.

Which you choose is up to you, however the impact on your business, if you make the wrong choice, could be disastrous. How can you tell which is which?

How clean is your phone?

Twitter Lists, what they are and how you can use them

Twitter’s great, right but your news-feed can move to fast to see what people important to you are saying and this is where Twitter Lists comes in. It saves time, helps you focus and makes you a better communicator. Have a listen to learn more about Twitter Lists and how you can use them

Why you need to keep WordPress up to date.

WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder but you need to keep it up to date – listen to find out why this could be crucial to the survival of your business

Have I been Pwned?

Millions of emails and passwords are available to cyber criminals but how do you know whether you are at risk?

How do you know whether they’ve got their hands on your email addresses, passwords and maybe more?

Have a listen to find out

Optimising your Videos for YouTube and Google search

Videos are great, but they’re no good for your business if they can’t be found and this podcast looks at how you can optimise your videos and make them easier to find in YouTube and Google Search


2FA aka Two Factor Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication

Five Security Habits that you should break today

How long does SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] take to have an effect?

How many words should I write for optimum SEO impact?

What information are you legally required to post on your website?

What is the Deep Web and what is the Dark Web?

About WordPress plug-ins