Website Review – Special Offer. Save up to £150.00

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Detailed SEO audit for one website 

How well is your website working for you? Do you actually know?

  • How well is it performing in Google search (other search engines are available)? How fast or slow is it?
  • How accessible is it?
  • How readable is it?
  • How logical and intuitive is the navigation?
  • How may leads, sales, enquiries or opportunities does it generate?
  • What is it actually saying about your company

What you need to make your website work better

SEO Audit Sample
Web Speed test and SEO data sample from a website review

A web site review will transform the way your website sells your business.

Our in-depth review will take a detailed look at your website looking for opportunities to improve it, covering

  • Competitor Analysis
  • In-depth SEO review
  • Website usability
  • Website readability
  • Social media activity

What you’ll receive

You will receive an extremely detailed report (typically 20-24 pages) together with a list of recommended changes and improvements that you can implement yourself, pass on to your web developer and/or SEO provider or request a quote from me.

If you accept my quote you will be credited for 40% of the cost of the web review.

How much does a web review cost

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SEO Review Results Graph

Normally, a review for the typical SME website (up to 20 pages) will cost just £250.00 + VAT and if you then accept my quotation to make your website better you will have £100.00 + VAT credited to your SEO account which means that your detailed web review will have cost you just £150.00 + VAT

Webinar Delegates save up to £150.00

Special Offer Rate just £125.00 + VAT AND get 20% back when you sign up to my SEO Proposal that will accompany your SEO review

This makes the cost of your review just £100.00+VAT

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