Mobile Marketing

Internet access via Smartphone and Tablets has exploded over the past couple of years. Over half of all web browsing now starts on a phone or tablet.

Google confirms this, with over 70% of searches for something in a “local” area carried out on a phone or tablet. Di you know that around 15% of UK residents no longer have a landline? Their mobile phone provides all their communication and web access needs.

This means that you need to be aware of the volume of visitors who come to your website using these devices! The easiest way to do this is simply by paying attention to the “Mobile” section of Google Analytics

If the number of mobile visits is below 5% you might think you don’t need to worry – yet. If it’s between 6 and 15% you really should start thinking about addressing the problem. If it’s 16% or more you need to find a solution quickly because you’ll be losing visitors. You’ll see that mobile users spend a lot less time on your site, visit far fewer pages and have a higher Bounce Rate than visitors using a desktop or laptop device.

This is because a lot of websites don’t scale down to a small screen too well. Remember, people have to click with fingers or thumbs so navigation options that are too close together will be a problem. Text that’s OK on a large screen will be tiny on a small screen. Yes, users can zoom in, a lot won’t though, it’s often too much trouble to keep zooming in and zooming out.

Mobile Phones and SEO

Google now gives preference to “mobile friendly” sites in their search results. They’ve even added a “Mobile Friendly” tag when you’re searching on your phone or tablet.  They also give mobile friendly sites priority, above websites that fail to take this in to account.

The solution is to think about what your visitors are likely to need when accessing your site from a mobile device. Then you present them with that information in an as easy to use format as possible.

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